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Craigslist Harvester

An application to collect emails and phone numbers from any craigslist site for any place. Craigslist harvester collect emails and phone numbers directly from ads posted at craigslist site and help you to build list of contacts (leads) within few hour without much affort. Craigslist harvester provide many filtering options based on craigslist ad to find out targeted contacts (leads). Craigslist site generates 50 billion visits per month and craigslist harvester bring you thousands of daily fresh leads from there. Check out below for more

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  • Craigslist Harvester Screenshot
  • Craigslist Harvester Screenshot
  • Craigslist Harvester Screenshot
  • Craigslist Harvester Screenshot

System Requirements

Latest version of Craigslist Harvester is and it need following system requirements to work properly.

  • Any Windows operating system
  • .Net Framework 3.5 or above
  • 512MB RAM
  • 5MB HardDisk space

Features & Specs

No Browser IntegrationCraigslist Harvester is created using requesting model. There is not any browser system in it which make it much more faster & runs smoothly on computer without using much memory.

Safe And User FriendlyCraigslist Harvester has a very clear and easy to understand application design. Its using secure method to grab emails & phone number from craigslist without blacklisting user's ip.

Tons Of Filtering OptionsCraigslist Harvester provide facility to grab emails & phone numbers from ads that match the criteria set by user. For example, don't grab '' emails, date range filter etc.

Export And Duplicate RemovalCraigslist Harvester remove duplicate ads posted by the same user during extraction and provide the facility to export result in text or csv file for further analysis.

Complete Craigslist SpiderCraigslist Harvester support extraction from all world wide regional site of craigslist including all categories and can also extract hidden contact information from ad's content.

All Data You WantCraigslist Harvester collect all data from ad like, email, phone number, ad's title, ad's content, ad's category, ad's location, ad post time, ad's link & number of repost.

Proxy And Captcha BypassCraigslist Harvester has its own proxy engine and support almost all kind of proxies including socks5, socks4, socks4a, HTTP(s). It support 2captcha to automatically bypass captcha.

Realtime StaticsCraigslist Harvester show you the real time statics of howmany emails, phone numbers get scrapped with all the information of network usage including number of bytes sent & received.

Support And UpdateYou will get quick support for all your queries related to craigslist harvester and frequently get update notification of application. You can also submit your idea regarding new feature.